Listen to the Voice of Africa

Africa has seen so much pain and suffering in the eye of the children. The drums have echoed the pains of being an African child, but underneath those pains lies hope and belief that one day Africa will bring joy to its children. I have been a victim of my own societal making but they all seem to blame me. Africa made me make some of the decisions I have made in life. I sit and watch as the sun goes down hoping for a better tomorrow a day that will bring love…As l listen to the thick forest of Africa my echoes have not gone in vain. I hear an echoing response coming deep from the forest. “Rise up, take heart and know the sky is the limit”. I listen in disbelief but again hear the sounds of hope take heart make the right decision in life. Africa is not dead Africa listens and waits for those that call upon her. Mama Africa gives guidance and hope to those that are troubled. Today I stand and make the right decisions. I have stopped blaming the colour of my skin nor the disadvantages Africa is faced with instead l live a life of love and peace. Mama Africa speaks this is the voice of Africa that lifted me in my depression and gave me hope. The echoing sound of the voice of Africa saved my life…to you whose lost hope LISTEN FOR THE VOICE OF AFRICA IS NOT FAR FROM YOUR HEART