Fibres of a shattered memory By Mr. Onkabetse Selapisa

By Mr Onkabetse Selapisa  Streets flooded by the stench of rotting carcasses, blood draped kitchen floors

The repercussions of man’s greed, the twisted creed, man’s flaws

A choice between death by famine or an unforgiving land mine

Is that the homage to the fore fathers?

Whilst some Listerine floss the unfortunate floss in blood

Echoes of a child howling in pain

A neighbour’s shame, roars of an angry mother

Equilibrating hisses of a forever drunk father

This realm has gone insane

The four horsemen must be mounting their horses


War cries of an innocent child blinded by the world’s cruelty

Such tender dreams vanquished so quickly extinguished

Innocence drowned in misery before the mere grasp of puberty

With facial muscles exploding from thirst, writhed weak smiles of poverty

Guns shoved their way, that’s the suckling of a child soldiers

Some learn to pull the grenade pin whilst toddlers

No time spent on their doodlers

The rosy just thumb sucks and updates their stack of news folders


Mothers wish to cry for their young but thirst took away the eyes’ water

A useless drunkard of a father violates his own daughter

And they say the four horsemen ride not

Whatever happened to the incorruptible minds?

Civil wars, tyrannical rulers, mad dealers twine that with a desperate rebel

Looking at that ensuing mayhem, you need not be political just logical

So hopefully this logical seduction works

Uproot that malignant corruption and ignorance

If you think you are having in bad day stop to think

Someone out there is cowering under a shower of bullets

Afraid to navigate the ground paved with land mines

Later on having to lie on a bed laced with dynamite

So take a moment to think….

Now play your role right