The Voice of Africa Petitions Zimbabwe Parliament on age of consent

Following controversial debates in Zimbabwe on the age of consent, The Voice of Africa decided to petition the Parliament of Zimbabwe and Chief Justice to Protect the Girl Child from statutory rape and defilement by upholding the Constitutional age of Consent, which is 16 years.

Following the newspaper article on the Chronicle newspaper dated 9th June 2015 and some research we conducted, we realized the importance of this petition to raise awareness on how the Criminal Justice system is letting perpetrators get away with lighter sentences. Child sex predators are getting away with community service sentences because magistrates and judges are now reluctant to pass deterrent sentences. Stock theft has a mandatory sentence for each cow/beast stolen. This seems to suggest that cows are of paramount importance than women as girls who have their future violated through rape get away with community sentences. As a nation are we thus saying “losing a cow is worse than having a woman raped”. The age of consent is 16 and that should be practiced even by the Judicial system and thus children under the age of 16 cannot consent to sex. It is important that the criminal justice system sees these acts as rape and defilement that will carry a severe sentence than just sexual crimes are reduced to assault. We need the Justice system to pass sentences that can deter the general public thus making the law effective.
By supporting This petition you contribute in making a difference in the lives of innocent children. Parents now resort to making their children marry the offender as the law is not effective. No one is supposed to marry their rapist and let us raise our voices to protect the girl child. Regardless of their behaviour and mentality a child is still and child and therefore cannot be said to have the capability of consenting
let us work together and make a difference by supporting this petition..

Follow the link to sign the petition: Petition to uphold the constitutional age of consent