The Ace to empower project 9th – 13th March


The Voice of Africa in collaboration with The University of Botswana Tennis Club would be hosting the Ace to empower project  aimed to aid the victims of domestic violence through the use of sporting activities as well as the involvement of the community in order to make a difference in the victim’s lives. Everyone within society has a role to play in combating GBV, as each one of us is accountable for our own behavior. We all have to make a decision when we see a bruised colleague at work, when we hear violence taking place next door, or when we see inappropriate relationships between adults and children. We can pretend not to notice, or we can reach out, offer support, insist that Botswana’s laws be respected, and demand that perpetrators be held accountable. We can fight stigma by making it clear that shame should fall upon the abuser, not the abused.


The project aims at involving the public to inspire to make a difference through sports that they enjoy most. The inter-varsity games are a history and legacy of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland dating as far as 1980s. The main aim of these games it to enhance academic excellence through sports and culture, therefore the public and relevant stakeholders form a vital piece of these games. Thus, the University of Botswana Tennis club has agreed to use the inter-varsity games as a way to raise funds for the shelter in order to support the victims of gender based violence. The University of Botswana is fielding 16 players of which eight are girls and eight are boys, these players will be raising funds for Kagisano women’s shelter

The project is categorized into two parts: the sponsors donation and individual donations:


For every ace served by the tennis, team the sponsor will be requested to donate 50 pula that will go towards the women’s shelter. This will apply to all singles, doubles and mixed doubles games played by the University of Botswana tennis team. Sponsors that sign up to take part in the charity event are to sign a memorandum of understanding with the organisation to honor up to their agreement.


The organisation will create individual profiles for the tennis players that will be playing in the tournament. All player profiles will be posted on our website Facebook page, BOLESWA inter-varsity official page and the UB horizon newspaper 2 weeks before the actual tournament. The public can then choose to sponsor one particular player and for every ace that player serves a donation of 10 pula  will be requested. The tournament will have technical officials that will be using the standard International Tennis Federation (ITF) score sheet to record all aces git by the players. Individuals who wish to sponsor any player(s) will sign up at the official UB tennis desk and will be contacted and informed through Short Messages and email on how the player is doing.


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