By Mpho Mpofu

I have had my fair share with Africa. l have seen the pains and sufferings, the violence against women and children. I have seen the loved ones turn to perpetrators, and at my age l think l have seen it all. I sit and dream of a free Africa, a better continent that loves and protects its people. A continent were democracy is not just in theory and war seizes to takes you and l to end the violence against women and children, child marriages and to empower the girl child. We have seen the death of humanity, the brutal killings of innocent lives, and yet Africa and the world still strive on as though nothing is happening. Today it is trending but a week later its forgotten news. We have heard the horrific attacks of Boko Haram, the kidnapping of innocent girls and the massacre of innocent people. Africa is in so much pain and suffering and l still carry along this dream each day and rise to take up the cause. Africa is my continent, no one will revive Africa if l myself do not do anything.



As the African sun sets, l envision a better Africa, a continent filled with love peace and harmony. A continent where people live together regardless of language race nationality nor religion. An African continent that is inspired by its youths.

I live my dream and inspire to meet with my beautiful Africa.

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