World Mental Health awareness

Name: Ropafadzo Charity Muzari Age: 27 I regard myself as a Mental Illness Warrior because I have lived with this illness for more than 15 years, I have accepted who I am, and I know the strengths I possess as a result of this illness. Living with this illness means life hasn’t been easy and rosy for the past 15 years, and even up to now it hasn’t been perfect. Growing up in a Christian family meant my illness was regarded as some form of demonic possession. Being “moody”, isolating myself from everyone, crying (melting down), over sleeping, shutting down, and all the o...

Maternal Mortality in Botswana: A Red Flag of the Millennium Development Goals

She was only 15 years old when he promised her the world. “I’ll take care of you,” he said, “I mean it.” He was 3 times her age, and thus he held all the power.  He refused to wear condoms, even though social stigma left her too frightened and ashamed to the clinic to get contraceptives.  Her only feeble safeguard against pregnancy were the “morning-after” pills that he bought for her. One day, he did not bring the emergency contraception she so dearly needed.  She knew, even before she took the pregnancy test, that she was pregnant.  She panicked at the thought of bringing a child into t...

Why Are Girls in Sub-Saharan Africa Self-Selecting Out of School?

Nothando Mudziti* is 13-year-old primary school student in Mlichi Village, Hurungwe. A tall, slim girl with bright eyes full of life and joy, Nothando was orphaned at the age of 3, when she lost both her parents to HIV/AIDS.  She has lived with her grandmother ever since.  Unfortunately, their family is not a wealthy one, and her grandmother often struggles to pay for many of Nothando’s basic necessities, not least of all her school fees. A month ago, the girl’s menstruation cycle started for the first time, leaving her frightened and confused.  Though she soon learned that the dark br...


Happy Africa
By Mpho Mpofu I have had my fair share with Africa. l have seen the pains and sufferings, the violence against women and children. I have seen the loved ones turn to perpetrators, and at my age l think l have seen it all. I sit and dream of a free Africa, a better continent that loves and protects its people. A continent were democracy is not just in theory and war seizes to takes you and l to end the violence against women and children, child marriages and to empower the girl child. We have seen the death of humanity, the brutal killings of innocent lives, and yet Africa and the w...


Girl child3
By Mpho Mpofu I was born in the beautiful continent of Africa, l could see the beauty of the sun rise and set each day. Life was wonderful when l was a baby but as l grew, l began to feel the scorching heat of the African sun and the pains that surround the girl child. l would look up and with determination in my eyes, soar high like an eagle for the brighter day that l was anticipating. All the suffering that l went through today l fight them to make my daughter’s life enjoyable and free. Free from all the suffering and pain that l went through. As l lift my daughter up I've made a prom...